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When this client asked me to do a photo restoration on this old photograph of her great grandfather. I wasn't ready for what came next. 

Do you want me to square it up and replace the arm and the trousers, I asked. Can you restore it to how it was. I don't know what was there, I replied. But I do, came the reply. He was carrying a gun over his arm, he had breeches on with boots and a dog at his feet. 

The photograph had hung for many years on the chimney breast of the family home. Then one day it decided to come crashing to the floor and landed in the hearth. This resulted in the glass breaking and most of the photograph turning into dust. The heat over the years had dried the cardboard out so much it just crumbled into powder when they tried to pick it up.

It wasn't difficult to find royalty free images that I could use to replace the parts that were missing.



Mrs. Metcalfe

Todmorden West Yorks



Photoshop CS4

Epson Perfection V500 Photo scanner




I had a picture of my great grandfather, or rather just his head and one shoulder, Altered Images turned it into a wonderful full length portrait worthy of hanging on my wall. Absolutely marvelous job! Would recommend to anyone.

photo restoration by Altered images

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